There are different types of electrical wiring for the home today as opposed to twenty years ago where there was only one type as it was very fragile and dangerous. Call Lucero Electric for our wiring services and you’ll learn what’s good and bad about yours.

Since the very beginning, a home’s wiring has undone some major renovations. It used to be strung through trees and into homes. Some types of older wiring is still used in homes today but not as much. Modern wiring has made it possible to keep homes safer.

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If you find yourself looking for a local emergency electrician, you’re probably having a rough day. Maybe you noticed soot on one of your electrical outlets. Perhaps one spit out sparks when you tried to plug something in. Or did you lose power in part of your house, and resetting your circuit breakers didn’t help? Many problems with wiring or appliances can lead to electrical emergencies.

No matter the particular problem, recognizing that you need prompt assistance is an excellent start.

Lucero Electric has emergency electricians ready to respond to urgent electrical problems. Call us today.

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In addition to our General Contracting capabilities, our portfolio of work includes small, mid, and large-scale renovations and capital improvements,

Our Services

– Interior Design Referrals
– Preconstruction
– Architect/Engineer Selection
– Cost Estimating
– Bidding
– Project Planning
– General Contracting

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About Us

At Lucero Electric, we are dedicated to ensuring that your commercial facility or home runs efficiently, safely, and smoothly, and we do that by offering innovative, high-quality service for commercial electric, lighting, and remodeling. As a full-service company with over 10 years of experience, we provide solutions that are professional, customized, and designed to minimize the downtime of your business or home —while protecting your bottom line.


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